When caring for furniture especially antique furniture, it is always best to preserve as much of the original as possible and this includes the original finish. An antique is of greater value if it has its original finish. Moses T’s All Natural Wood Care Products provides those original finishes with St. John’s Oil, St. John’s Wax and Gunstocker’s Finish and an excellent treatment for other original finishes with Reviver.


The original integrity of the artifacts can be preserved as well as caring for new furniture that will become heirlooms and priceless antiques for our children.


With proper care and maintenance the useful life expectancy of furniture can be extended indefinitely.


It is far easier to restore and touch up a finish on a piece of furniture than it is to completely remove the old valuable finish and replace it with a new one. Moses T’s Reviver allows that to happen by restoring the finish rather than replacing it.


Moses T’s All Natural wood Care Products are traditional solutions to furniture care problems.